This super quiet SW-300 is the best new model of Antari small snowflake machine. Output is double of S-200 and the sounds created from machine is even quieter than S-200. It also offers a breakthrough style of current snow flake machine and can manipulate the size of snow flake by the strength of wind which suitable for various snowing scenes and mimic the actual situations. It features new style of nozzle and would not leave any liquid residues afterwards. It also extends the life of the nozzle.

  • Powerfull output
  • Wireless Control as standard
  • DMX Control on board
  • Bright and clear LCD display
  • Adjustable snowflake size

Antari SW-300 Snow Machine

SKU: 60806
Power Supply AC220-240 50/60Hz 3.8A VAC
Power Consumption 880 W
Tank Capacity 5 Liter
Fluid Type Antari SL-5# liquids, Showtec snow and foam liquids
Fluid Consumption 280 ml / min
DMX channels 2
Dimensions LxWxH 500x276x266 mm
Weight 11.5 kg