The Infinity iW-741 is a compact power-pack which is equipped with 7 RGBW 40W Osram LEDs. Especially selected motors provide ultrafast and precise movements. In combination with motorized zoom a razor sharp 3,6° beam can be produced which changes into a 60° wash effect through various available controlling protocols. The seven O-Star LEDs produce very bright and saturated colours and by changing the PWM through DMX the iW-741 is very well suited for theatre or television applications.

  • Ultrafast movements
  • Zoom 3,6° to 60°
  • Selectable PWM rate by DMX
  • Battery powered display
  • White Output Mode
  • RDM
  • 5P DMX

Infinity iW-741 RDM Moving Wash/Beam

SKU: 415285P