The LED Operator 6 is an universal, compact but powerful controller which is capable of controlling up to 6 channels per fixture. Therefore the LED Operator 6 is suitable to control any LED fixture with 6 colours LED (RGBWA-UV) in 6 different groups. The LED Operator 6 allows you to control effects by simultaneously operating each fixture in different playback modes, with variable fade times. The LED Operator 6 offers unlimited flexibility with numerous playback options that include RGBWA-UV, automatic and sound-active modes. Increase control with adjustable audio sensitivity, strobe and black-out effects.

  • Up to 6 zones
  • RGBWA-UV control
  • color preset buttons
  • Easy to use

LED Operator 6

SKU: 50728
Fixture channels 6
DMX channels 36
Colour presets 18
Chases 18
DMX connector 3p XLR
Power input 12VDC, 500mA
Dimensions 393x140x47 (LxWxH)
Weight 1.8Kg