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Introducing the ultimate mixing solution for live sound professionals - the Digico SD12 audio console! With its advanced technology and intuitive interface, the SD12 is designed to deliver superior sound quality and unmatched versatility for any live sound application.

Featuring 72 input channels, 36 aux/group busses, and 12 stereo FX processors, the SD12 provides ample routing options and precise control over every aspect of your mix. Its 15-inch high-resolution touch screen display and customizable work surface ensure an efficient workflow, allowing you to focus on the performance and deliver exceptional sound quality.

The SD12's powerful FPGA processing engine ensures fast and reliable performance, while its dynamic EQ and multiband compressor modules offer unprecedented control over your mix. Whether you're mixing a large-scale concert, a corporate event, or a worship service, the SD12's flexibility and reliability make it the go-to choice for live sound professionals worldwide.

Experience the power and performance of the Digico SD12 audio console today, and elevate your live sound to a whole new level!

Available with our Waves DMI Cards and WAVES Soundgrid SERVER ONE units for the ultimate mix. 

Digico SD12
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