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selection of our most requested items. 

At our company, we're passionate about audio equipment and we believe that every sound should be crystal clear. We offer

a wide range of industry equipment including advanced line array systems that deliver exceptional sound quality in any venue. Our products are designed with your needs in mind, so whether you're a professional musician, a sound engineer, or just love great sound, we've got you covered. So come and explore our audio equipment and discover the difference for yourself! Contact us now to start a conversation about your next project. 

A full suite of cable, distro, standard microphones, stands and di boxes are also available including Radial, BSS, Shure, SE Electronics, Rode, dpa, Neumann and many more. .


d&b Y8/Y12

d&b V8/V12

d&b D80


d&b M4

d&b Y7P

d&b VSub

d&b D40


Sennheiser RF

Digico SD12 (72/96ch)

d&b B6 Sub

d&b Y Sub

d&b E3

d&b D12

Sennheiser IEM

d&b C6


QLab Playback

d&b D6


Digico D2 Rack


Soundcraft Expression 1


Allen & Heath SQ6

Soundcraft Expression 2

Allen & Heath GX4816

Soundcraft StageBox (Madi)

Mini 16_edited.png

Soundcraft Expression 3

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