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M4 Monitor

                                                                  The industry standard Stage Monitor trusted the                                                                              world over! The M4 is a 2-way high performance                                                                            stage monitor employing an integrated 15” LF                                                                                   and 1.3” exit horn loaded HF coaxial driver                                                                                          design that utilizes neodymium magnets. The                                                                                   constant directivity dispersion of 50° x 70°                                                                                         (hx v), which this unique horn provides,                                                                                      delivers an accurately defined coverage                                                                        area on stage. The M4 can also be operated in 2-Way                                                 Active mode. When the cabinet is used in an upright position the M4 serves as a powerful PA loudspeaker with a 70° x 50° dispersion suitable for a variety of applications. For dedicated installation applications the dispersion characteristics of the M4 driver assembly can be rotated in 45° increments. The M4 cabinet is constructed from marine plywood, which incorporates the handles, has an impact resistant paint finish, M10 threaded inserts and a socket to accept loudspeaker stands. The front of the loudspeaker cabinet is protected by a rigid metal grill backed with an acoustically transparent foam. Two runners recessed in the bottom panel protect the cabinet from scratching and prevents movement.

Power them using our D80 Amplifiers and why not hire them as part of a larger d&b FoH or monitor system complete with one of our digital consoles?

Frequency Response: 55 Hz - 17 kHz

Max SPL: 138 dB / 140 dB (with D80)

Cabinets per channel: 2 in passive mode

Cabinets per D80 in active mode: 4