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A selection of our most requested items.

Our rental inventory of entertainment lighting equipment is ever changing, providing you with the latest and greatest technology for your next project, production, or tour. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, our team of experts will work with you to customise a solution that meets your specific needs and budget. With our state of the art equipment, your show will be sure to shine and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Contact us today to learn more and start planning your next big event! Equipment is available as dry hire or as part of a full event package.  A full range of cable , consumables (pyro, fluid, tapes, batteries etc) and power distribution are also available.

LED Beam 150 Robe
Robe Spikie+
Martin MAC Quantum Wash
Martin MAC Quantum Profile
Ayrton Diablo

Robe 150 LED Beam

Quantum Wash

Quantum Profile

Diablo Si Profile

Spectral M800
Cameleon LED Flood
Ovation IP Profile
Cameleon IP Batten

Spectral M800 LED Spot IP65

Cameleon 14/3 LED Flood IP65

Chauvet Ovation IP65

Cameleon 24/3 Batten IP65

Robe Spikie+ 

Source Four Profile

ETC Source Four 750w

Performer Q5 Profile


Performer Mini Profile

Performer LED Mini

PAR16 Birdie

PAR16 Birdie GU10 240v

Robe T11 MFS Followspot Kit

Robe T11 Followspot

PAR56 Floor Can
Pixel Bar 12

Showtec Pixel Bar 12 MKII

LED Compact Par

Compact PAR LED 

HOG4 RoadHog4

High End Hog4 RoadHog 

FullBoar4 Lighting Console

High End Hog4 Full Boar

HOG4 Full Size

High End Hog4 Full Size


High End Hog4 Hoglet 

Avolites Pearl Tiger

Avolites Pearl Tiger

Avolites Pearl Tiger Touch II

Avolites Pearl Tiger Touch II

Showtec LED Operator
Showtec LED 4

LED Operator 6

LED Operator 4

Wireless Solutions WDMX

wDMX Systems

BetaPack Dimmer

Betapack 16a Dimmers

Transcension Dimmer

Single Channel Dimmers

PAR64 Floor Can


PAR64 / ACL 

Rain Dome Weather Protect

Rain Domes

Showtec DMX Show Recorder / Player

Show Controllers/Recorders

Showtec DMX Timer

Splitters / Networking

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